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The University of Miami is a rapidly growing research-intensive institution. The Associate Vice President for Research Administration and the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost work closely to ensure that the research community receives professional, customer-oriented administrative support and that our extramural sponsors are assured research funds are managed appropriately. Please view our Quick Reference Guide for Sponsored Projects to learn more about sponsored projects and visit the various divisions of ORA below: 

Laura B. Kozma is the Associate Vice President for Research Administration. She provides leadership for sponsored administration which includes proposal review, processing, contract negotiations, award funding, expenditure and compliance monitoring and serves as audit liaison for the Institution for sponsored awards.
Pre Award is responsible for assisting with the review, approval and submission of sponsored proposals, as well as the creation, negotiation and execution of Medicare Coverage Analysis (billing grids), clinical budgets and contracts/subcontracts.

The Post Award unit of ORA is responsible for the post award administration of all sponsored projects at UM. We set up new grant accounts, prepare and submit invoices and financial reports to the sponsors, and close out expired sponsored projects.

Please visit this page to view Clinical Research related information.

The University of Miami conducts focused research to advance knowledge, enhance student learning experiences, and build its reputation in the scientific and technical communities while providing positive returns on sponsoring partners’ investments. While the University applies the principles of freedom of inquiry and open exchange of knowledge, we must also be mindful of the federal laws and regulations governing the exchange of research materials and results that are subject to export controls.
Strategic Initiatives facilitates ORA automation and streamlining in order to work smarter and improve processes.

ORA is the authoritative entity to review and approve billing rates for the University of Miami.  ORA should be used as a resource to obtain guidance and information concerning compliance with federal regulations and University policies and procedures as they pertain to service center operations.
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ORA roles and responsibilities

ORA Roles & Responsibilities

The ORA roles and responsibilities matrix outlines the general processes and identifies the appropriate party that has primary responsibility for different activities throughout the life cycle of a sponsored award. This matrix is being updated.  Check back soon.