Institutional Information

Often when preparing a proposal, you are asked to provide the contact information for the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR). For applications, contracts and amendments, please contact Laura Kozma at For all other inquiries, please contact the Post-Award Office. Below is a list of useful institutional information for proposal preparation.

CAGE Code- Medical Campus 9B962
CAGE Code - Coral Gables Campus 1NVW2
CAGE Code - RSMAS Campus 1NV47
Congressional District # (Medical Campus) 24
Congressional District # (All Other Campuses) 27
Federal Tax ID # 1590624458A1
(if using W9 Form)
DHHS Animal Welfare Assurance # A3224-01
DHHS Human Subject Multiple Project Assurance # FWA00002247
DHHS Medical Subcommittee 01
DHHS Behavioral Subcommittee 02XM
All Campuses - UEI # for Department of Education JPU4TCW6QYF3
Medical Campus - UEI # for all other agencies F8THLJQSAF93
RSMAS Campus - UEI Number KXN7HGCF6K91
Coral Gables & South Campus - UEI Number RQMFJGDTQ5V3
Misconduct in Science Assurance # 5221201
National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Medical Campus 5221250
NIH - Coral Gables Campus 5221201
National Science Foundation (NSF) - Medical Campus 0015362030
NSF - Coral Gables Campus 0015362000
NSF - RSMAS Campus 0015362010
Radiation Control State of Florida License # 76-13/C83