The Office of Research Administration (ORA) manages the ClinCard, a reloadable debit card issued by Greenphire, aka Goldeneye Parent, LLC.

What is ClinCard?

ClinCard is a reloadable debit card that is available for use as a method to reimburse research participants. It is an alternative to other approved methods, which are described in the University’s Petty Cash Policy.

The ClinCard program is available to all qualifying University of Miami research studies, where participants need to be consented. Only participants 18 years and older can be directly registered into the program and issued a ClinCard; anyone under 18 years old can participate only if their parent/legal guardian consent and become the registered participant in the program.

ClinCard can provide payments to participants in accordance with the protocol submitted to and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB). These payments must be included in the Informed Consent Form (ICF):

  • Participant reimbursements
  • Drive/Mileage, as set by the study; options are IRS standard, custom or flat rate
  • Other reimbursement items: parking, transportation, meals, and travel. These items require a receipt, and there’s a threshold on each item before external (ORA) approval.

ClinCard provides a convenient administrative online tool for loading, tracking, and reporting study payments in real-time. A card can be used across multiple studies, can be reloaded through its expiration date, and can be replaced if lost. The program is fully managed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA), including billing to studies.

How do I register a study?

There are 5 steps involved in registering a study into the ClinCard program - help is available for any step, for which you have questions.

Step 1. Ensure protocol and consent forms submitted to the IRB include the federal requirements below:

  • A W9 or W8-BEN, regardless of amount, unless a written exemption is granted by the University’s Controller’s Office
  • Reimbursement schedule and amounts
  • Payment method – debit card
  • Disclosure of personal information on the website: name, address & date of birth are required for payment and customer service purposes.
  • Optional personal information: mobile number and email address can be used to contact the participant and receive payment notifications.

There are guidelines and suggested language in the Important Documents and Contact Information section below.

Step 2. Fill in Registration Form in its entirety. This information is necessary to register the study:

  • Study details: start date, IRB/eProst number
  • Number of participants anticipated
  • Number of ClinCards desired to start the study
  • Driver worktags:
    • The study account for participant reimbursements and transaction fees
    • A non-sponsored account to temporarily expense the costs of the cards if the study is federally sponsored. Please see the Administrative Expenses section for guidance on transferring the cost of the cards to a federally sponsored account.
  • Payment schedule
  • The requested role(s) in the ClinCard website. Available roles are:
    • Site Coordinator - this person will register/edit subjects in the ClinCard system, create a payment request, setup appointment reminders and teach the participant how to use the card
    • Report Viewer – can access reports for the study
    • Site Administrator and Approver are ORA roles only

The registration form requires the signature of Cost Center Manager (CCM) or a Cost Center Sponsored Program Manager (CCSPM) to ensure that worktags listed are accurate, to acknowledge that the staff listed will have access to disburse payments, and to be aware there will be ClinCard-related processes to approve in Workday.

Step 3. Send an email to ORA with all registration documents:

  • Registration Form
  • IRB protocol / study document(s)
  • ICFs / Consent or Assent forms.
  • Controller’s Office W9 exemption letter, if applicable.

Step 4. Study is registered, access is granted, and roles are assigned:

  • RA will send an email confirmation that the study has been set up and site access has been granted. The individual(s) with access will receive a system-generated email to complete the login process. 

Step 5. Complete training and implement your ClinCard program:

Training will be offered in the following manner:

  • By Computer Based Learning (CBL) (coming soon), which will focus on website usage.
  • By group setting, through Zoom, which allows for specific or study-related concerns to be addressed.

What are the expenses associated with the ClinCard program?

There are two types of costs:

Administrative Expenses

Administrative expenses are the card costs and transaction fees. They are considered allowable costs in studies. However, for federally sponsored studies, the cost of a blank card must initially be charged to a non-sponsored account. The cost of the card may be incurred on the federal award after the card has been assigned to the participant and loaded with funds.

  • ClinCards: $4.00 - $6.50 per card
  • Transaction fees: $1.75 per transaction 

ORA handles the billing of administrative expenses once a month. They are chared to:

8730 Other Fees for Service:

  • SC08811 – Other Outside Services

Participant Reimbursements

Participant Reimbursements are the amounts loaded onto the cards. They include participation payments and items that are considered reimbursements, such as mileage, parking, transportation, and meals; reimbursement items require a receipt.

ORA handles the billing of participant payments; frequency is based on usage, with a minimum of once a month. They are billed to the study account, and are charged to:

8255 Other expenses:

  • SC08751 – Research Participants Payments
  • SC08750 – Research Participants Transportation
  • SC08749 – Research Participant Meals
  • SC08752 – Research Participant Incidentals

How is ClinCard used by the participant? 

ClinCard can be used at no cost to the participant as a credit card or a debit card (cash back option on debit). It can also be used for redeeming cash at any MasterCard accepting bank.

Usage fees occur only when the card is:

  • Used at an ATM; $3 domestic, $4 international
  • Replaced by Customer Service or MasterCard, versus replaced by the study team - $7
  • Inactive (funds are not loaded nor spent) for six months: $4.50 monthly

Important Documents & Contact Information 

For ClinCard questions

Clincard Mailbox: 

Lydia Zantout

Kris Roth