Greenphire ClinCard

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) manages the Greenphire ClinCard reloadable debit card. The program is available to all qualifying University of Miami research studies.

What is ClinCard?

ClinCard is a reloadable debit card that is available for use as a method to reimburse research participants. It provides an alternative to other reimbursement methods (i.e. petty cash).

It is reloadable through the card’s expiration date, up to 3 years, can be used for multiple payments across multiple studies, and is replaceable if lost.

ClinCard provides a convenient administrative online tool for loading, tracking, and reporting your studies' payments in real-time. It is managed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA), including the billing to studies.

It is to be used to provide payments to the subject in accordance with the protocol submitted to and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and included in the Informed Consent Form (ICF).

How is this used by the participant?

Free ClinCard usage options: ClinCard can be used like a credit card (swiped at register). It can also be used like a debit card (cash back option) using a pin number from MasterCard. It can be used for redeeming cash at any MasterCard accepting bank. To access the Participant Card Usage Guide, please click on one of the links below:

ClinCard Fees (fees are only incurred when the card is used as described here):

  • ATM; $3 domestic, $4 international (pin needed)
  • Lost card replacement: $7 Customer Service/MasterCard fee
  • Inactivity of six months fee: $4.50 monthly if there is inactivity (funds are not loaded nor spent) for 6 months

How do I get started?

There are 4 steps involved in utilizing ClinCard:

Step 1. Ensure protocol and Informed Consent Form submitted to the IRB meet the requirements below.

  • W-9 requirement
  • Reimbursement schedule and amounts
  • Payment method – debit card.
  • Required personal information disclosure: name, address, date of birth. Optional personal information disclosure: cell number, email address.

Note: The personal information is for payment and customer service only.

To access guidelines and suggested language, click here >>.

Step 2. Fill in Registration Form in its entirety. The registration form contains all pertinent information necessary to register the study, such as:

  • Study details: start date, Internal Review Board number, etc.
  • Number of participants anticipated
  • Number of ClinCards desired to start the study
  • Driver worktag (non-sponsored account) for the costs of the cards
  • Driver worktag for participant reimbursements and transaction fees
  • Payment schedule
  • The requested role in the ClinCard system (if applicable)

The registration form will require the signature of a business / financial / cost center manager to ensure that worktags listed are the desired ones and to acknowledge that the staff listed will have access to disburse payments.

ClinCard System Roles:

  1. Site Coordinator - this person will register/edit subjects in the ClinCard system, create a payment request, set up appointment reminders
  2. Report Viewer – can access reports for the study
  3. Site Administrator – ORA Role
  4. Approver – ORA Role

Help is available for any part of the application for which you have questions.

Step 3. Complete training and then implement your ClinCard program

Training will be offered in the following manner:

  • By Computer Based Learning (CBL) (coming soon), which will focus on the how to’s of the website.
  • By group setting, through Zoom, which will allow for specific or study-related concerns to be addressed.

Step 4. Study is Registered and Roles are assigned

The Office of Research Administration will send an email confirmation that the study has been set up and site access has been granted. The individual with access will receive a system-generated email to complete the login process. 

What are the Best Practices?

When possible, use Milestones (set payment amounts and schedules) because they are pre-loaded and there is no additional approval needed when paying subjects.  “Miscellaneous” items (payments that are not pre-loaded into ClinCard) do require ORA approval.

Develop payment milestones to make efficient use of the card and minimize load costs. For example(s): Payment every x items instead of after each one; Payment on a set schedule, such as weekly, every y days, monthly; Payment with fewer variables: pay by survey or set percent range of survey instead of by question. Note that all payment schedules must be included the protocol and ICF and approved by the IRB in accordance with the needs of the study and relevant regulations and policies.

What are the Expenses associated with the ClinCard Program?

There are two types of costs:

  1. Administrative expenses. Administrative expenses are the card costs and load fees. These are considered allowable costs in studies. However, for federally sponsored studies, the cost of a blank card must initially be charged to a non-sponsored account. The cost of the card may be incurred on the federal award after the card has been assigned to the participant and loaded with funds. Below are the administrative expenses.
  • ClinCard costs between $3.60 and $4.00 per card.
  • Transaction (load) fee is $1.15 per load, reload and void.
  • ORA handles the billing of administrative expenses once a month. They are charged to:
    • 8730 Other Fees for Service: SC08811 – Other Outside Services
    • Card costs are charged to the study account / driver worktag (if study is not federally funded) or to a department account (if study is federally funded). The study team can journal the costs of the cards from the department account to the study grant after disbursement to the participants.
    • Load fees are charged to the study account / driver worktag
  1. Participant reimbursements. Participant reimbursements are the amounts loaded onto the card.

Participant payments are charged to the study account(s):

  • Billing is usage-based: daily to monthly. Participant payments are charged to:

    8255 Other expenses:
    • SC08751 – Research Participants Payments
    • SC08750 – Research Participants Transportation
    • SC08749 – Research Participant Meals
    • SC08752 – Research Participant Incidentals

What are the Taxes & Related Details?

A W-9 is required from each participant, regardless of the amount.

Drive/Mileage’s rate is set by the study; options are business, medical, custom or flat rate.

All other reimbursement items require a receipt to be uploaded: parking, transportation, meals, and travel. There is a threshold on each item before external (ORA) approval. Note that non-reimbursement subject payments do not require a receipt.

Important Documents & Contact Information 

For questions on the ClinCard program, please contact:

Lydia Zantout:

Phone: 305-284-3953


Lionel Vera:

Phone: 305-284-4276