Recharge/Service Centers

Welcome to the Office of Research Administration (ORA)’s webpage for service centers. ORA is the authoritative entity to review and approve billing rates for the University of Miami.  ORA should be used as a resource to obtain guidance and information concerning compliance with federal regulations and University policies and procedures as they pertain to service center operations. We provide oversight and review of the accounting aspects of service centers, and analyze and approve the service center rates charged to users.A service center, or recharge center, is a unit within University of Miami which provides goods and/or services of a specialized nature to other University of Miami users on a recurring basis and charges a fee for those goods/services. Operations that are set up as recharge/service centers are designed to recover the costs of their operations primarily through charges to internal (UM) users. For assistance with developing rates or for general questions regarding service center activity, please contact Lionel Vera at or (305) 284-4276, or Lydia Zantout at or (305) 284-3953. Below you can find helpful information, such as the Service Center Policy, Billing Rates Template, and helpful links.

Lionel Vera

Lionel Vera                                                                                                                                                        

Director, Cost Analysis and Reconciliation

Telephone: 305-284-4276   

Please refer to the policy guidelines for the administrative handling of recharge/service centers. This manual includes University of Miami’s policies and procedures for calculating billing rates, billing to internal/external users, establishing new recharge/service centers, and closing recharge/service centers.

Per Service Center Policy B-020, please use University of Miami’s standard template for the calculation of billing rates.