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CCS-Restricted Party Screening Form EXPORT-F-009a Cost Sharing-Matching Funds Statement Form
Form Description Date Revised
Advance Account download pdf In the absence of an award letter, an account may be opened or extended under guarantee. 07-26-17
Close Out Form download pdf Please fill out  the Close Out Form when your acccount has ended. 09-19-16
Cost Sharing-Matching Funds Statement Form download pdf This form is to be used when requesting a separate sponsored account to record and document cost sharing/matching funds. 05-17-19
Costing Allocation Template download excel file The Costing Allocation Template was created to assist you with calculating salary caps for grants. Please click on instructions to learn how to use the template. 04-12-19
DS-2019 Applicant Review Form (Export-F-006) donwload pdf ORA’s Export Control Compliance office document number: EXPORT-F-006 is required for all foreign persons being sponsored under a DS-2019 application. 03-04-19
End-User Disclosure (EXPORT-F-003) download pdf

The purpose of this form is to identify individuals who are assigned to projects that contain confidential, proprietary, export controlled, or other sensitive items. This form will also be used to identify individuals, primarily foreign persons, who will be using export controlled technology.

Export Classification Disclosure Form EXPORT-F-002 download pdf

This form should be filled out by the vendor/manufacturer of the item(s) being procured, please supply the export classification as it pertains to the appropriate regulation (EAR/ITAR) of each item on the invoice. 

Export Control Recordkeeping Form - EXPORT-F-010 download pdf

One of the greatest risks of “inadvertent violations of export laws and regulations” occurs during informal technical exchanges with Foreign Persons. UM’s Export Control Recordkeeping Form will serve to “heighten UM employees’” awareness that such communications and meetings are risk areas for potential export violations.

Export Control Program Recordkeeping Form - EXPORT-F-011 download pdf

The Export Control Program Recordkeeping Form will be utilized to capture 6-months program activities and will serve to "heighten UM employees awareness" for potential export violations.  

F&A Waiver/Cost Share download pdf Complete this form and include it in your funding proposal when initiating an Ancillary Review in IBISResearch to request waiver or reduction of (F&A) Costs or if the project involves cost sharing
FDP Subrecipient Pilot Form download pdf The FDP Subrecipient Pilot Form must be used if the subrecipient is listed in the FDP Pilot on the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse page. 04-05-16
General Purpose Request Form download pdf Please use this form to justify the general purpose costs that were not anticipated on a proposal. General purpose costs are not allowable except for special circumstances. 03-01-13
I-129 Export Control Attestation Form – EXPORT-F-001 (PDF) download pdf

The University of Miami (UM) requires all departments wishing to sponsor a foreign national on one of the four visa types noted to complete this form. This form is required for both new and renewal applications.

Jackson Work Order Request Form Complete this form and attach supporting documentation for each request. Once the information is received at, the creation of subaward/work order can begin. 08-01-17
License Exception BAG Form – EXPORT-F-008 download pdf Please use this form for the temporary export of personally owned devices. 01-09-18
License Exception TMP Form – EXPORT-F-005 download pdf Please use this form for the temporary export of tools of trade. 03-04-19
Memorandum of Understanding A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement between two or more parties planning to create a cooperative research and/or educational partnership.
NIH eRA Commons Account Request
Non Availability of Equipment The Non Availability of Equipment form is used for equipment purchases funded by federal or state grants, contracts or agreements. 04-11-18
NSF FastLane Access Request 

NSF has a new account management functionality.  To request a new National Science Foundation (NSF) account,  Principal Investigators need to request access through  Users with existing NSF accounts can access the NSF ID Lookup page for their NSF ID. Forgotten passwords for established NSF accounts may be retrieved here

Outbound Subaward Jackson Work Order Request Form Complete this form and attach supporting documentation for each request. Once the information is received at, the creation of subaward/work order can begin. 02-07-18
PAA Worksheets download excel file
Research Reporting System Access Request download pdf Please fill out this form to obtain access to the Research Reporting System (RRS).
Restricted Party Screening Form EXPORT-F-009 download pdf

This form is to be used for persons and entities who are not captured under other UM processes, such as DS-2019, I-129, and vendor applications.

CCS-Restricted Party Screening Form EXPORT-F-009a download pdf

This form is to be used for the Institute for Data Science and Computing ONLY

Retroactive Transfer Non-Salary Charges (FORM FA-11) download pdf

This form is used for all non-personnel transfers to or from a sponsored account. Please complete and attach a Batch Control Form to the completed FA-11.

Subrecipient Commitment Form download pdf The Subrecipient Commitment Form must be submitted with grant applications that include subawardees/subcontractors to the Office of Research Administration (ORA). ORA will not issue subawards/subcontracts without the completed Subrecipient Commitment Form. 05-07-19
Technology Control Plan Form (TCP)– EXPORT-F-004 download pdf

The purpose of a Technology Control Plan (TCP) is to outline the characteristics of the project and to define the controls necessary to ensure that the transfer of  identified items to visitors, employees, and students during the  performance of research activities or other University endeavors occurs  in an authorized and approved manner.

Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Import Certification Form download pdf