Fringe Benefit Rates

During the budget development stage, accurate Institutional Base Salary (IBS) will be needed for all personnel identified to work on the project.  Fringe Benefits should also be included in the budget. See the table below for the Federal and Non-Federal rates.

Due in part to the University’s financial mitigation strategy, fringe benefit rates in FY21 are decreased from previous years and projected to increase in FY22. To ensure proposal budgets provide accurate estimates of actual costs, budgets may include projected rates developed by the office of Financial Planning and Analysis. These rates are estimates for budgeting purposes only and subject to change. The actual rate charged will be in accordance with the rate agreement and official rates set and approved by Financial Planning and Analysis. These projected rates should not be used for a proposal that may result in a federal contract or proposal submitted to the Department of Defense. If you would like to use these rates, please contact your ORA Applications team member who can provide you with the rates and answer questions.

fring rate

*Starting with the October 2017 pay, the CFB charged to Postdoctoral Associate’s salary was reduced to the Faculty and Postdoctoral Associates rate.    

Composite Fringe Benefit Rate Components by year (PDF files):