ORA Mailboxes

Pre-Award Mailboxes: CRIS@med.miami.edu and MRA@med.miami.edu

Post-Award Mailbox: ORAAwardAdmin@miami.edu

OVPRS Mailbox: (Previously Strategic Initiatives) OVPRShelpdesk@miami.edu

Recharge/Service Center Mailbox: Costanalysis.ORA@miami.edu

Pre-Award facilitates and expedites the processing of: grant applications; negotiating agency prior approvals; creating, negotiating and executing contracts, subcontracts and their associated amendments.
Post-Award ensures that funds provided from external sources to support research and other projects are administered in accordance with University policies as well as those of the sponsor.

This mailbox can be used for all matters related to service/recharge center accounting and billing, including submitting billing rate sheets to RA for review and approval.