Pre-Award Forms

Form Description Date Revised
Advance Account download pdf In the absence of an award letter, an account may be opened or extended under guarantee. 07-26-17
FDP Subrecipient Pilot Form download pdf The FDP Subrecipient Pilot Form must be used if the subrecipient is listed in the FDP Pilot on the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse page. 04-05-16
Memorandum of Understanding download pdf A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement between two or more parties planning to create a cooperative research and/or educational partnership.
NIH eRA Commons Account Request
NSF FastLane Access Request 
PCRF-L download pdf The PCRF-L is used for all new, compete and supplemental proposals/applications, as well as all contracts/agreements involving new money and/or monetary increases (no matter how small the value) where sponsored funding will be received by UM. Please view the Decision Matrix and PCRF-L Instructions for additional assistance. 08-01-17

donwload pdf

The PCRF-S is used for (a) non-financial sponsored-related agreements, (b) changes to existing sponsored-related agreements and (c) submission of Sponsor-required progress reports). Supplemental Funding is processed through a PCRF-L. Please view the Decision Matrix and PCRF-S Instructions for additional assistance. 08-01-17
Subrecipient Commitment Form download pdf The Subrecipient Commitment Form must be submitted with grant applications that include subawardees/subcontractors to the Office of Research Administration (ORA). ORA will not issue subawards/subcontracts without the completed Subrecipient Commitment Form. 01-19-17