Pre-Award Forms

Form Description Date Revised
Advance Account download pdf In the absence of an award letter, an account may be opened or extended under guarantee. 07-26-17
FDP Subrecipient Pilot Form download pdf The FDP Subrecipient Pilot Form must be used if the subrecipient is listed in the FDP Pilot on the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse page. 04-05-16
Memorandum of Understanding download pdf A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement between two or more parties planning to create a cooperative research and/or educational partnership.
NIH eRA Commons Account Request
NSF FastLane Access Request 

NSF has a new account management functionality.  To request a new National Science Foundation (NSF) account, Principal Investigators need to request access through  Users with existing NSF accounts can access the NSF ID Lookup page for their NSF ID. Forgotten passwords for established NSF accounts may be retrieved here.  

PCRF-L download pdf The PCRF-L is used for all new, compete and supplemental proposals/applications, as well as all contracts/agreements involving new money and/or monetary increases (no matter how small the value) where sponsored funding will be received by UM. Please view the Decision Matrix and PCRF-L Instructions for additional assistance. 04-01-19

donwload pdf

The PCRF-S is used for (a) non-financial sponsored-related agreements, (b) changes to existing sponsored-related agreements and (c) submission of Sponsor-required progress reports). Supplemental Funding is processed through a PCRF-L. Please view the Decision Matrix and PCRF-S Instructions for additional assistance. 08-01-17
Subrecipient Commitment Form download pdf The Subrecipient Commitment Form must be submitted with grant applications that include subawardees/subcontractors to the Office of Research Administration (ORA). ORA will not issue subawards/subcontracts without the completed Subrecipient Commitment Form. 05-07-19