Managing Award

manage award
Award Management is a process that encompasses University, school and sponsor policies, as well as, the award’s terms and conditions. It is often referred to as the “post award” phase of the award life cycle.

Effective management is critical in maintaining the public’s trust in research at the University of Miami. In order to successfully manage an award and be compliant you need to:

  • Ensure that personnel on the project are aware of their responsibilities and those of the University’s academic and administrative offices.
  • Abide by the terms and conditions of the award, such as required prior approvals, reporting, and approved scope of work.
  • Understand the sponsor’s and University’s policies and work with the Research Administration for guidance.
  • Contact your pre-award office if you need sub-awards to be written to other institutions on your project.
  • Understand that cost-sharing is subject to the same rules as sponsors' money, and must be accounted for in a similar manner. An additional account will be established and must be used to track any required cost-sharing.
  • Ensure that charges to grants benefit the award charged. For example, it is not appropriate to average the costs of research supplies across all of a principal investigator's grants, regardless of how the supplies are used. Costs charged to a sponsored project must be necessary, reasonable and allowable. The University is audited on whether it treats similar costs in consistent ways across the institution. Administrative costs, office supplies, or telephone equipment, which are included in our indirect cost base, cannot be charged directly except with non-federal sponsors.

Please visit our ORA Policies page to view policies related to account maintenance.

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Procedures Managing an Award