Managing Salary

Managing Salary

Sponsored Effort, or salary charged to a sponsored project is one of the main components of cost on a sponsored project. The amount of salary charged to the project should be reflective of the time, or a reasonable reflection of effort, spent working on the project.

Throughout the process of Award Management , a Principal Investigator or Department may become aware of a need to change the amount of salary charged to one or more projects. 

When to use Manual Journal and when to use Payroll Accounting Adjustment:

Pay periods prior to 9/1, to include bi-weekly payroll of 8/10 through 8/23 should be processed via Manual Journal by using the Create Journal tipsheet. Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Process one employee per pay period, per journal
  • Do not use the “Create Reversal” check box
  • Only include salary being adjusted (not all salaries for that pay period)
  • The Labor Distribution Report or Effort Certification report are acceptable attachments, and include a justification in the attachment(s) 

Later Pay Periods should be processed via Payroll Accounting Adjustment (see PAA links at bottom of page).  

2017 Biweekly-Paid Staff and Students 

2017 Monthly Paid Faculty and Staff

Cost Transfer Justification:

Charges to a grant must benefit the project and be allowable, reasonable, allocable, and treated consistently.

 All cost transfers must include a complete explanation detailing the necessity for the cost to be transferred to/from the sponsored award. 

The explanation must address the following:

  • Why this expense was originally charged to the account from which it is now being transferred.
  • Why this charge should be transferred to the proposed account.
    • Indicate a clear benefit to the account.
    • A correlation must be drawn between the initial charge and the account to which it is being transferred.
    • If multiple award lines are indicated, provide the methodology used in the allocation.
  • For a cost transfer over 90 days – provide additional justification as follows:
    • What prevented you from submitting this within a timely manner?
    • What corrective action are you taking to eliminate future cost transfers from being submitted late?

Below are links to ORA Policies, Payroll Accounting Adjustment and Costing Allocation Worksheets and Instructions, which can help to guide you through the process.

RA Policies:

Please visit our RA Policies page to view policies related to salary and effort.

How to properly submit a Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA) in Workday, step-by-step Guide:

Payroll Accounting Adjustment step-by-step Guide

Payroll Accounting Adjustment and Costing Allocation Worksheets:

Please click on the links below to access the PAA and Allocation Worksheets.

PAA Monthly Split Month

PAA Monthly No Split Month

Instructions PAA Monthly

PAA Hourly

Instructions PAA Hourly

Costing Allocation Template

Costing Allocation Template Instructions

 Salary Cap Cost Share Calculation Worksheet

Please click on the link below to acess the Salary Cap Cost Share Calculation Worksheet.

Salary Cap Cost Share Calculation Worksheet