Re-Budgeting Questions

1) How do I rebudget funds from my federal award?

Read the Notice of Award first to see if there are any re-budgeting restrictions on the award. When prior approval has been granted by the sponsor, you can re-budget using the Internal Prior Approval Request (IPAR) form. The IPAR can also be used for pre-award costs and no cost extensions. 

When significant changes occurr or prior approval is not granted by the sponsor, agency notification is required and written authorization must be received from the agency prior to the occurrence of the significant change.

The following are examples of significant changes:

  • Change in scope or objective of the project
  • Change in PI
  • Absence of PI for a significant length of time (usually in excess of 3 months)
  • Significant changes in level of effort (25% increases or decreases) by key personnel

View the FDP Prior Approval Matrix and the Rebudgeting Policy