Forms and Submissions Questions

1) My application was not funded. Can I revise and resubmit it?

If your sponsor has informed you that your application will not be funded, please send an email to the, so RA can update our records. Whether you can revise or resubmit varies by sponsor and funding announcement. Please work with your RA Pre Award Contact Person for assistance.

 2) How can I find out whether my application was funded?

When applications are funded, sponsors should provide an award, contract, or agreement to the PI, Research Administration or both. Research Administration will forward the Notice of Award to the PI, the Chair and the Departmental Administrator. If you receive an award, contract or agreement directly and RA is not also included within the communication, please send the award to SI to ensure RA is aware and processes it.

 3) How do I submit an electronic proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) using IBISResearch?

Use IBISResearch to create and route a proposal for department review/approval and submission to RA.