Project Timeline

Phase 1 –  Onboarding  

  • Huron Project Leads will guide the UM Project Implementation Team through the Grants & Agreements system, and provide hands-on, in-depth training on functionality and configuration capabilities.
  • The UM Project Team will gain knowledge of the system, and begin to utilize their expertise to make informed decisions regarding implementation.

Phase 2 –  Process Analysis 

  • Current business processes will be analyzed. Gaps between current processes and system functionality will be addressed.
  • High-level future processes will be identified.
  • Training, Communication, and Change Management Plans will be developed.
  • Development environment will be established.
  • Faculty and Department Administrators will be engaged in the project for feedback and support.

Phase 3 –  Iteration 

  • Huron developers will perform multiple cycles of design and configuration.
  • Project Team will test design and configuration.
  • Data mapping and data conversions will be finalized.
  • Test plan will be developed for super users.

Phase 4 –  Testing  

  • Key objective is to pilot future business processes in the new system, and log/resolve any issues.
  • Training materials will be developed.
  • Deployment communications will be finalized for all users.
  • All implementation teams will be involved in this phase.

Phase 5 – Deployment  

  • Successfully implement the new system by migrating to the production environment and verifying the results.