IBISResearch System

ibis research Pre-Award System ibis research Pre-Award System

The University of Miami is embarking on a project, spear-headed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA)  and in collaboration with UMIT, to replace the current Pre-Award system. The new Grants & Agreements system will replace InfoEd, currently used for Proposal Development, Proposal Tracking, and finding funding opportunities.  The new system will provide a direct interface with Workday as well.

Upon implementation of the new system, many changes to our current processes and procedures may be expected.  One of the most anticipated changes includes full electronic routing and approvals, thus eliminating the use of forms such as the PCRF-L (routing form) and the IPAR (prior approval form).

The focus of this initiative is to reduce the administrative burden on faculty and to provide access and transparency into the status of applications, contracts/agreements, subawards, and award notifications.  As the Project Team begins to develop requirements and assess how best to implement the system, we will reach out to faculty and departmental personnel for collaboration and feedback. 

Implementation of the new system is targeted for June 2020.  Change is coming!