Award Administration

Our Award Administration Team has a variety of duties, which include the following:

1. Distribute the authorized agency budget dollars to University expense object codes.

2. Input the authorized budget in the sponsored programs system. The sponsored programs system updates, on-line, the University's financial record system (FRS).

3. Approve budget changes requested by principal investigator when in compliance with agency and University guidelines.

4. Input of approved budget changes in the sponsored program system.

5. Review and approval of expense transactions affecting sponsored projects for compliance with the approved budget as well as compliance with general and specific government and agency regulations and University policies. Expense transactions include: Payroll Accounting Adjustments (PAA’s), purchase requisitions, electronic business expense reimbursements (eBERF's), electronic check requests, journal entries, and interdepartmental charges.

6. Return to principal investigators/administrators expense transactions that do not comply with regulations and policies.

Please contact our Award Administration team for any expenditure compliance questions.