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Shipping/Transporting Items Out of the U.S.

Shipping an export-controlled item is not as easy as you may think. But, how do you know if what you are shipping is export-controlled? The   following decision tree will help guide you. If ever you have doubts   about using this decision-tree or determining if export controls apply to the activity you are engaged in, please contact the Director of Export Control Compliance for assistance. Making assumptions could lead to an export violation.

Shipping items of any kind may take more effort than just putting it in a box and calling your preferred logistics provider.  For example, if you are shipping biological materials (e.g., blood samples) or   agricultural or geological specimens – proper labeling must be made that are compliant with relevant federal, state, and/or local regulations. If any one item in your package is valued at $2,500 or greater the   commodity must be filed with the Electronic Export Information (EEI)   system. This applies not only for shipments from the U.S. to foreign   countries, but to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. (Reference FTR § 30.2(a)). If your item requires an export license, regardless of its value, it must be filed with the EEI. Please contact the University’s ECO who is authorized to assist with EEI filing.

Please use this Decision Tree when shipping/transporting items out of the U.S.

When contacting the University’s Director of Export Control Compliance, please have the following information available:

  • Complete description of item to be shipped
  • Export Classification of item to be shipped

You may contact the manufacturer/vendor directly to request this information. Use EXPORT-F-002 which can be found on the Policies & Forms page.

  • Country of Destination
  • Name of Recipient / End-User of item
  • Method of Transporting / Shipping

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