Export Control Compliance Policies and Forms

Export Control Compliance Policies and forms Export Control Policies and Forms

There are many policies, procedures, forms, etc. throughout the University. It is important that you understand all documents from various University departments that have input on the particular subject matter you are searching. When possible, this site will refer to other department policies in order to assist in providing as much information as possible. Each department governs their own documents, so if there are any questions that arise, please refer to the appropriate department for guidance.

Policies, SOPs, and Forms for the Export Compliance Program that are governed by the Office of Research Administration will begin with “EXPORT”. You may send an email to the export control mailbox at exportcontrol@miami.edu with questions you may have concerning these documents.

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Office of the Vice Provost for Research & Office of Research Compliance
Import Clearance - Shipping
Information Technology
On-Boarding Foreign Persons, Observers & Visitors

The F-010 and the F-011 are to be utilized to capture foreign person interchange and interactions for meetings and for 6-month program activities.  

 Technology Control Plans