Subcontracting to Another Entity

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When UM anticipates subcontracting to another entity, the following processes apply to our Principal Investigators/Departmental Personnel. Please click each stage to see a workflow diagram.

Proposal Stage

  1. Obtain scope of work, budget, budget justification and Subrecipient Commitment Form from the subrecipient.   
  2. Check the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse page to determine if the subrecipient is listed in the FDP Pilot      
  3. Route these documents with proposal package to ORA via

Award/Subaward Stage

  1. Confirm sponsor has approved subrecipient, scope of work, period of performance, budget  justification and deliverables      
  2. Verify  subrecipient is an approved UM vendor by contacting UM Purchasing    
  3. Prepare Outbound Subaward/Jackson Work Order Request and attach relevant documents    
  4. Send packet to ORA Pre Award at
  • All subrecipients receiving federal funding must have a UEI number and be registered at prior to the issuance of a subaward

Award Management Stage

  1. Monitor the subward throughout the life cycle of the project.    
  2. Escalate concerning issues to Post Award

Close-Out Stage

  1. Review and approve the Subrecipient Closeout Checklist, provided by Post-Award.  Provide Checklist and final documents to Post Award.    
  2. If there are errors or concerns, facilitate a resolution with the subrecipient, involving ORA as needed.