Confidentiality Agreement (CDA)

Confidentiality Agreements:

Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs or NDAs) protect information that is not yet in the public domain by limiting further disclosure and use by the recipient. ORA handles CDAs regarding disclosure of information related to potential research projects. 

CDA Review, Negotiation and Modification:

CDA’s relating to information for a potential research project would need to be signed by an authorized official of UM in order to properly bind UM employees. The Investigator (PI) does not have authority to bind UM.

The areas relating to the definition of confidential information, governing law, as well as the time period for confidentiality usually requires further negotiation.

We prefer to limit the obligations of confidentiality and non-use to short periods of time.  Usually 2 to 3 years will suffice.  In general, periods of confidentiality and non-use exceeding 5 years will only be acceptable in rare situations and will require sound justification.


The CDA is usually provided by the party that is disclosing the confidential information. If you require a CDA for the protection of any confidential information prior to disclosure, please contact ORA for assistance in drafting the CDA.