Just-In-Time/Agency Requests 

Just-In-Time reporting is the National Institutes of Health (NIH) term for a means with which NIH requests additional document from its potential awardees after proposal submission. Other sponsors may ask for similar post proposal requests for additional information, but may not refer to it as Just In Time.

As it relates to NIH, Just-In-Time applies to all applicants with a priority or peer review impact score of 40 or better. NIH requests:

You will know that your project requires a Just-In-Time report when "JIT" is posted in the "Action" column of the NIH eRA Commons system page specific to your project. Request for Just-In-Time action does not indicate that your proposal is likely to win funding but that it meets the minimum standards to continue to be held for consideration. The purpose of Just-In-Time reporting is to save administrative and proposal costs for the vast majority of applicants who do not receive National Institutes of Health funding. The call for "Just-In-Time" reporting does not indicate imminent award or even an imminent award decision.

Other sponsors may contact you to request additional document post proposal submission. When NIH needs additional information or a change to a submission (e.g. budget revision, other support information, etc.), NIH will issue a Just-in-Time (JIT) request to RA. The assigned specialist will perform the JIT Changes Required activity in IBISResearch to move the proposal to the “JIT Response Required” state, which sends an email notification to the assigned PI. RA must review and approve all documents prior to submission. 

If a sponsor contacts you directly to request additional documentation contact your RA Contact Person

For more information see the Grants User Guide and the NIH Just-In-Time policy

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For Clinical Research visit CRMSO.