Pre-Award Mailboxes

Pre-Award facilitates many different functions for our Federal, State, Local Government, Industry, Foundation and Association partners.  To ensure all incoming work is received and assigned in a timely fashion, please submit all required documents to the appropriate ORA Pre-Award Mailbox.

To find out more about how to process your request and what documentation is required, please visit the Submitting to ORA web page.


Advance Account Request

Agreement (UM Receiving Funds from Industry, Association, Foundation)

Agency Requests (Carry Forward, Scope Revision, Change of PI/Co-I/Key Personnel, Just-In-Time)

Agreements (UM Not Receiving Funds) Confidentiality Agreement, Inbound Material Transfer Agreement, Master Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement

Agreements (UM Receiving Funds from federal, state, city, county)

Requests for Clinical Procedure Pricing


Jackson Health System (JHS) Work Orders

Agreements (UM Not Receiving Funds) - Collaboration Agreement, Memo of Understanding and Teaming Agreements

Requests for Medical Coverage Analysis Revisions


Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

No-Cost Extension – Written Prior Approval Required


Outbound Subaward Requests


Post-Application and Pre-Award Submission Sponsor Requests


Sponsored Required Progress Report