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ORA Mailboxes
In order to better serve the University’s research community, the Office of Research Administration (ORA) has created mailboxes to serve as a convenient way to submit requests electronically.
This page contains a list of the contact information of the ORA Administration.

This page contains the contact information of the Pre-Award Team.

Please visit this page to view contact information for the Post-Award Team.

This page contains contact information for the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) team.
Strategic Initiatives
For questions regarding training, research reporting, ORA systems and website, please contact our Strategic Initiatives (SI) Team.

Export Control Compliance
If you have an export compliance question, or if you need to report an export control compliance issue, please contact the Director of Export Control Compliance.
Recharge/Service Centers
For assistance with developing rates or for general questions regarding service center activity, please contact our Service Center Team.

Who is my ORA contact person?
Please view this page to find out who is your ORA contact person based on campus and department.