Effort Reporting
Effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges to, or cost shared on, sponsored projects are accurate, timely, and reflect the actual level of work performed.
Effort reporting is the method of certifying to federal branching agencies that the effort required as a condition of the award has actually been completed. Effort reporting is required by the Uniform Guidance. All faculty, staff and students whose salary is charged to a sponsored activity must certify effort on a specific schedule, set by the University.

The University of Miami has deployed this web-based Effort Certification and Reporting (ECRT) system as a tool to facilitate and simplify effort certification and reporting for faculty, graduates students and employees who spend effort on sponsored grants and contracts.

This page contains the university's effort reporting policy.

Training for the Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) system is required. CBLs and live offerings are available through ULearn.