Award Lifecycle

There is a wide range of funding opportunities for UM's researchers within the US federal government, as well as through foundations, non-profit institutions, corporations, as well as local and state government.

A proposal is a detailed request for funding prepared in accordance with the sponsor’s instructions. A sponsor can be a federal, state, or local agency, a private foundation, a corporation or other business entity.

Congratulations on receiving research funding! These guidelines are designed to help you efficiently manage your award in compliance with University and sponsor policies and procedures.

During the life of an award, there is no substitute for good practices in tracking and reconciling your transactions. Reconciling transactions on a monthly basis is important to grants management.

Upon account closeout, University of Miami researchers are responsible for submitting final technical and invention statements (if required). The Office of Research Administration is responsible for preparing and submitting all financial reports.

This page contains a list of Clinical Research Roadmaps for pre-award and post-award.

Research Resources

Research Resources

The University of Miami, like many major research universities, maintains a variety of specialized facilities, services, and instrumentation to support the research and education enterprise.

The University of Miami has various systems that assist the research community. Each system is run by various departments and offices throughout the university.



Research must be carried out in compliance with University of Miami policy, federal and state laws, sponsor requirements and the award terms and conditions.