Effort Reporting ECRT System Upgrade and Training

The University of Miami has an after the fact effort reporting system, called Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT).   In addition to ECRT, the University recently switched to Project Confirmation which will streamline the effort certification process.  Project Confirmation will require that the Principal Investigator certify his/her own effort and the effort of staff on each project.  If there are other faculty members on the project, each will certify their own effort.  This new method will reduce the number of individuals required to certify effort. 

The Certification Period will open for PIs and Faculty to certify on 2/19/18.  The first period of performance will be 9/1/17-11/30/17.  The Certification Period will remain open until 4/20.  

Training is available for Cost Center Effort Coordinators who have the responsibility to review effort statements associated with their Cost Center prior to release of the statements to the Principal Investigators (PI) for certification.  They should also monitor the progress of the certifications and follow up with the PIs, as necessary, to resolve issues and ensure the completion of the Project Confirmation process.  

Registration is available through ULearn for the ECRT: Project Confirmation Training for Effort Coordinators.  Search for keyword ECRT.

To view presentations from the ECRT: Project Confirmation Training for Effort Coordinators or the ECRT: Project Confirmation for Principal Investigators visit the ORA Presentations page.  

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