Research Administration At The U

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has developed a Research Administration Program to promote a culture of proficiency, integrity and research facilitation.

Registration will take place through ULearn. To access this training, search for the keywords “Research Administration at the U”. Participants must register for all 3 days.  Training times are all from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

ULearn Registration Instructions 


This training program will integrate the fundamentals of Research Administration, UM procedures in pre and post award, as well as skills in Workday grants management and compliance. This is a mandatory 3-day program for individuals who support sponsored projects; specifically for those who have one or more of the roles of Workday Cost Center Sponsored Programs Manager, Award Analyst, Grant Manager, Grant Financial Analyst or an individual with Department Administrator role in InfoEd.

The UM Research Administration program will provide an overview of key concepts related to sponsored programs administration at the University of Miami as well as case studies and specific how-to demonstrations.  

a) Online Course (Introduction to the Office of Research Administration) 

Participants are required to complete an online course entitled Introduction to the Office of Research Administration.

 b) Three-Day Workshop (Research Administration at the U)

After completion of the online course, a three-day core training entitled Research Administration at the U will be required. The three days are spaced apart to occur over several months. An overview of sponsored projects administration will be presented including: federal regulations governing University awards, preparation of proposals and contract processes, financial and administrative management, closeout and audits, as well as the relevant processes in Workday. Participants will utilize problem-based learning exercises to analyze real-world issues when managing sponsored programs at UM.  

 c) Assessment 

After participating in the training program, individuals must pass an exam (80% score) to become a University of Miami Designated Professional Research Administrator.  Individuals may take the exam up to three times in a one-month period in order to pass.  Failure of the exam will result in the removal of access privileges in InfoEd and/or Workday. 

There will be make-up sessions for unavoidable conflicts. Ongoing training will be available for new/returning employees who have roles managing sponsored projects.